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Lawn Maintenance

Get the results your garden deserves with this service.

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Maintenance, Repairing & New Lawns

We offer ongoing support to ensure your landscape is always looking its best.

Keep your Home's lawn beautiful without any inconvenience

An expanse of green grass is one of the great traditions of the typical Long Island garden. It's hard to image a home in the area without the "show" lawn in front and footy field out the back. Taking care of your lawn and keeping it looking its best, is our goal, let us to work on your lawn.

Guide & Tips to Lawn Care

  • How long should your grass be?
  • Never mow too low
  • Avoid watering immediately before or after mowing
  • A quality cut comes from a well maintained mower
  • Empty the catcher frequently

Mulch mow isn't always the best way to go. There are times you should mow with the catcher on:

  • When your grass is damp
  • If there will be lots of foot traffic after mowing - the clippings can get picked up on shoes and feet.
  • When your grass is too long.
  • Through cool, damp months when the clippings may not break down fast enough, giving rise to possible fungal problems.

How and when to water

  • Water in the morning or afternoon.
  • Don’t water when it’s windy.
  • Aim for deeper moisture penetration by watering less often, slower and for longer to encourage deeper roots.
  • If you find nothing soaks in when you water, apply Lawn Builder + Wetting Agent
  • When using a sprinkler, fit a mechanical tap timer to turn the tap off after a pre-determined time so you don't waste water
  • Invest in a quality lawn sprinkler with adjustable patterns so you are not watering paths and driveways.

Fertilizing your lawn is quite possibly the easiest task you need to do to gain a perfect lawn.
If you only perform one maintenance task, aside from mowing, then make it fertilizing. It will take less than 10 minutes for the average lawn and will reward you for months.

Even with just normal foot traffic, the soil under your lawn can become compacted, making it hard for grass roots to penetrate and breathe. It also becomes more difficult to get nutrients and water down to the root zone.
Compaction problems typically appear as worn areas that are slow to repair or spreading dead patches. All round poor performance of the lawn may also be an indicator.